Industrial Nitrocellulose Series

Industrial Nitrocellulose Series

When bleached cotton linter and Sulfuric acid nitrate mixed acid react,the miracle will occur:the material which is widely used in paint,ink,leather brightening agent and nail polish,table tennis and other aspects was born,this material is composed of nitrocellulose (NC),With nitrocellulose as raw material for the production of coating both lasting weatherability, good resin compatibility and excellent fast dry, with unparalleled advantages for wood coatings.

From the smokeless powder, painting, artificial leather and plastics to stationery, daily life activities,as a miracle of chemical substances and its unique personality,nitrocellulose is more and more widely used and become changing modern life.

-----------------------------A magical substance that can change the world!

Product Application

It is widely used in coating,paint,ink,leather brightening agent and nail polish,table tennis and so on.