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Port congestion caused by the continued rise in the rate of dumping cabinets

March 31, 2023

From 2020 to 2021, the status quo of container shortage, cabin bursting, container dumping, port jumping and freight rising crazy-has been continuing worldwide.

Due to the congestion of foreign ports, the disorder of logistics supply chain and the reduction of efficiency, container liner shipping date has been largely delayed, and the on-time rate has dropped from more than 70% to about 20% at present. Container goods have been stuck in the dock for up to 2 months, and the phenomenon of containers being dumped is more common.

According to new data from Chicago-based Project44, dump volumes at major container ports continued to rise last month, affecting about 39% of shipments.

"Shipping companies have been watching the increase in their turnover rates for more than a year and have so far been unable to alleviate the situation."

"Said Josh Brazil, vice president of shipping marketing.

"Shippers and shippers need to accept this new reality.

If they want to keep their shelves stocked and their factories running, they're going to have to start restructuring their supply chain and raising its profile."

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