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Ugandan Customers Visited Our Factory And Gave Their High Comments

June 06, 2019

On May15th,Mr.STEVEN OGOLA and Mr.JACOB SEWE,Ugandan customer from Africa,came to our factory for a visit. At 9:00 in the morning, we drove to XinZheng airport with the driver to pick up the customer.The customer set off from Guangzhou and the flight arrived at about 11:30. We prepared a welcome card and received the customer successfully at the arrival hall of the airport. After some simple greetings, we had a casual lunch at the airport and set off for the factory.

It took us about one and a half hours to drive to the factory, during which I had a simple communication with the customers. The customer met us at the Canton Fair last fall, and now he runs a car painting factory, which needs iron oxide pigment as raw material.

We arrived at the company at about 1:30 PM, and then the foreign trade sales staff and technical engineer Mr.Ma gong had a simple talk with the customer. After the talk, we visited the production workshop of iron oxide red, the environmental protection treatment equipment, the packaging warehouse and the shipping site where the containers were being loaded.The customer is very satisfied and speaks highly of us.Then we discussed the samples after the visit, the customer chose a few kinds of color of iron oxide pigments, our lab colleague sampling and packaging according to customer's request, the customer said to bring home inspection, due to the limited time customer offered to the airport, the driver has prepared the vehicle ready to go, before they left we give our gifts to the customers which are prepared in advance and pose for photos together,we will keep in touch during the subsequent progress. Look forward to the customers’ next vist.

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